Live Band

Don't Speak: A No Doubt Tribute is a full-band experience with keyboards & horns performing hits from the entire No Doubt repertoire - an energetic & dynamic performance that provides hours of live musical entertainment:

Stephanie - vocals

The music of No Doubt has always made me feel so alive. I’ve always felt as though the words could have come from my own stories, relationships, and wounds. To think that a band could write something based on their own specific circumstances, but general enough to have millions relate …. is …. beyond what I’m able to put into words; so I just put it into performance.

Don't Speak: A No Doubt Tribute makes it our goal to help people relive the magic of the original Tragic Kingdom tour and to give those that never had the chance to see No Doubt in the 90s a way of feeling a similar transcendence.

Every time I take the stage, I am surprised at the love I get from all of the women in the audience. So often, I go to rock shows, and the crowd is a sea of dudes looking up at a stage full of dudes. With this band, the landscape is totally different, and I hope it encourages more women to continue seeing other live music or to even pick up an instrument and start playing!